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Terms & Conditions

Online payment Policy

Any person paying online should use their own personal credit or debit cards. If not, then the service may not be awarded.

Invoicing and Payment Tems

You will only pay when you pick up your car. However, in the event that you are specific about the car you require please let your sales agent know. In these cases, we will charge the security deposit in advance in order to ensure a commitment to the booking and the car Our invoice will be issued on the day you pick up your car, in advance of the term of the rental (i.e. a prepayment) and must be settled in full immediately We will block a deposit of AED 5,000, which will be refundable upon return of the car (“vehicle check-in”). This amount will be released after 28 days from the date of return to take care of any traffic fines, Salik (toll charges), damages etc. For Monthly and Lease agreements, our monthly invoice will be issued in advance of the term of the rental and must be settled in full immediately Payment can be made by credit card with an authorization to debit future rentals, traffic fines etc. Payment can also be made by cheque, bank transfer, corporate credit card or any other method mutually agreed between both parties. All customers are required to maintain a valid credit card on file at all times, failure of which may result in the termination of the contract All rental periods are calculated on a 24-hour basis. For example, a one- day rental starting at 9am must be returned by 9am the following day. Any delay – for example, if the car is returned at 5pm the following day – will result in an extra day being charged. Note that VAT will be added to your invoice for all rental and service fees as of January 1, 2018, as per instructions from the UAE government. All additional government levies and charges will be applied as required by the applicable law. Prices on our website are exclusive of VAT.

Privacy Policy

One of the bases of our company’s existence is to provide our customers with a hassle free and smooth booking process that is entirely digitalized. Our platform stores information of individuals booking through us where we collect information’s like name, email address, mobile number to confirm that they receive the right product they order. Furthermore, for car rental bookings we also ask our customers to provide us with their documents to for registration of the car rental process with RTA and providers portal. Our platform does accept online payment through credit/debit cards which why is it should be clear that Triple D Rentals L.L.C. does not store any of its custumer’s payment data rather a full payment is taken by the payment gateway company and the corresponding bank.


Cancellation can be done 72 hours before the start of rental period.

Drivers and Licensing Requirements

All drivers must be over 21 years old and 23 years old for sport cars. Drivers must provide a valid international or national (local) license, some local licenses are not accepted, our sales team will check your license’s validity before renting you the car. Drivers must not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs while operating the vehicle. All insurance claims resulting from driving under the influence will be denied and you will be responsible for all resulting damage repairs. It is primarily your responsibility to ensure that you are eligible to drive a rented car in compliance with the laws of the UAE


Delivery outside the company’s branches is subject to fees (depending on location). Driver must show original valid documents while receiving the car. Driver can take a video or photo of the current condition of the car, before signing the contract.


Smoking in our vehicles is strictly prohibited as it damages our vehicles and is a safety hazard while driving. Smoking in our vehicles may result in a charge of up to AED 5000. Driver must return the car in the same condition they received it, if the car is dirty or has any food leftovers or stains, this will result in a charge. Off-roading, rallying, racing or ‘drifting’ in our vehicles is strictly prohibited. going to deserts, and tracks is not allowed and will result to breach of contract. Customer is not allowed to drive over 160km/h, if the driver goes over this speed limit he will be warned on the 1st attempt, and charged 2000 AED on the 2nd attempt, and on the 3rd attempt we will shut down the car, and the remaining rental period will not be refunded. Pets may be allowed in our vehicles; however, cleaning and damage penalties will be charged, without exceptions.

Mileage Usage

Our offer is based on a maximum use based on the number of kilometers stated in your contract, typically 250KM per day, 1500KM per week or 4000KM per month. Excess usage will be charged at the rate of AED (25-50 AED) per KM, depending on the car.

Salik (Toll Charge) and Traffic Fines

The Salik (toll) charged will be the toll amount (typically AED 4), plus an AED 1 service fee, plus VAT on the service fee component Traffic fine charges will be the actual fine, plus an AED 50 service fee, plus VAT on the service fee component. We will inform you as soon as we get a notification from the concerned authorities. If the fine caused the car to be impounded, additional fee ranging from 100 – 500 AED will be charged. You will be required to pay these amounts immediately upon notification

Insurance Terms

All our vehicles are comprehensively insured.driver, passenger and third-party liability is provided. It is your responsibility to ensure that you conduct a thorough inspection of the vehicle prior to check-out and to ensure that all pre-existing damages are recorded on the vehicle. Your liability will be limited to AED 15,000 plus 20% of repair cost + VAT. In case of an accident that is your fault, in where a red-colour report will be provided by the police, your liability will be limited to AED 15,000 plus 20% of repair cost and total days of the road. All insurance and damage claims will require a police report in order to be processed Damage caused to our vehicle for which a third-party is not identified, for which a police report has not been produced or which results in the insurance claim being denied will be charged in accordance with the Triple D Rentals L.L.C. Damage Rate. Repairs done by third-party garages and mechanics and not done by Triple D Rentals L.L.C. will not be acceptable and will breach the contract. Note that, as is common in the industry in this region, damage to tires, wheels and rims is not included as part of the insurance coverage and the renter is responsible for the cost of repair or replacement.

General Terms

In case of an accident caused by the hirer and/or driver, the hirer and/or driver will have to pay the excess fee of………………………..( Subject to vehicle ) , the daily rental for the amount of days that the vehicle requires to be fully repaired and 20% of the total agency repair invoice due to the effect on the residual value of the vehicle after being repaired. The hirer and/or driver is responsible for the vehicle during the agreed rental period and is responsible for any damages due to carelessness, negligence or intention.


In case of any accident, please report to TRIPLE D RENTALS L.L.C for assistance and contact the police to attend the location for safety and legal procedures. Failing to do so will result in paying for all damages or replacement of the vehicle. The hirer and/or driver is not allowed to repair or modify anything on the hired vehicle without informing TRIPLE D RENTALS L.L.C.


The TRIPLE D RENTALS L.L.C vehicles are not allowed to be used on or in racetracks, flooded areas, off road, desert, safari or any environment which can cause damage to the vehicle. The hirer and/or driver is not allowed to use the hired vehicle to pull, recover or jumpstart any other vehicle. The hirer and/or driver will hold all liabilities as the insurance does not cover the mentioned damages.


In the case of any accident is caused due to the hirer and/or driver being under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any substitute that affects the driving ability. The hirer and/or driver will have to pay a full compensation of all damages and rental for the days the vehicle requires to be fully repaired or replaced.


The insurance coverage does not apply for the following damages: front windscreen, glass, tires, rims, upholstery, and stone chips or any cosmetic damage during the rental. Any part or panel that shows damage previously being more damaged will conclude to charged to the hirer. These will be charged accordingly to the hirer and/or driver with fixed estimated quotations by the TRIPLE D RENTALS L.L.C management with full liability to the hirer and/or driver. Any days the vehicle is in the garage will be covered by the hirer and/or driver with a full daily rental fee


The minimum age restriction is 21 years for luxury vehicles and 25 years old for sport cars. The hirer and/or driver is not allowed to permit access of the vehicle to any unlicensed person or a person under the age of 21 years old.


The hirer and/or driver holds full responsibility for the vehicle during the rental agreement period, it is recommended not to give access to any valet, car wash or hotel staff. The hirer and/or driver must ensure that the vehicle is parked in a safe and secure location when it’s not in use. Any damages caused to the vehicle including to damages due to acts of nature will be the sole responsibility of the hirer and/or driver.


TRIPLE D RENTALS L.L.C does not give permission to the hirer and/or driver to drive the vehicle outside the U.A.E or sub rent the vehicle to an individual or company. The hirer or driver is not allowed to stick any paper, foil or wrap on the vehicle due to damaging the protection layer on the vehicle.


TRIPLE D RENTALS L.L.C absolves itself from any responsibility to loss of valuable belongings in the vehicle during or after the rental agreement.


It is hereby agreed upon between TRIPLE D RENTALS L.L.C and the hirer or driver that in the case of a “Total Loss” (vehicle beyond repairs or theft) the hirer or driver will pay up to 30% of the total insured value. The amount of…………………………………………………. ( Subject to vehicle ) The hirer and/or driver will continue to pay the daily rental for the duration until the insurance pays out the amount.


The hirer and/or driver agrees to pay for all traffic and parking fines + 100 AED processing fee. TRIPLE D RENTALS L.L.C reserves the right within one year after the end of the rental agreement, to claim any unpaid amounts like damages, traffic fines or violations from the hirer or driver. The hirer and/or driver must return the vehicle with a full tank of fuel, all our vehicles are delivered with a full tank and use Super 98 Petrol. If in any case the vehicle returns without a full tank, the hirer and/or driver will be charged for the missing fuel plus a 100 AED Admin fee.


For extension of the rental agreement, the hirer and/or driver will put in a written request to TRIPLE D RENTALS L.L.C to create an amended rental agreement. TRIPLE D RENTALS L.L.C will approve the request subject to availability. In case of failing to do so, TRIPLE D RENTALS L.L.C is permitted to increase the daily rental fee up to double the amount due to future loss of business. In case of any cancellation less than 24 hours prior to the booking date and time, the full amount of the invoice will be non refundable.


One-day hire means 24 hours from the hour of receiving the vehicle.


One-week hire means 7 days from the day and hour of receiving the vehicle.


One-month hire means 30 days from the day and hour of receiving the vehicle.


All our cars are Non-Smoking due to hygiene and quality standards. If the hirer, driver or passenger decides to smoke in the vehicle, a fee of 2500 AED will be charged for cleaning and sanitization of the car.


The hirer and/or driver is responsible for the interior and exterior of the hired vehicle. Wet clothing, creams or oils and jewelry may cause damages to the interior of the vehicle. In case of any damages, TRIPLE D RENTALS L.L.C will charge the hirer and/or driver accordingly for those damages.


The deposit of minimum 5000 AED and maximum of 20.000 AED is subject to vehicle, age of hirer and/or driver and duration of rental agreement.


The hirer and/or driver is allowed to drive 250 kms a day and will be charged accordingly for excess kms. This will be stated on the front page of this agreement, subject to the vehicle and duration of the agreement.


The hirer and/or driver is responsible for the excess insurance liability fee in case of an accident. This amount is calculated accordingly to the make and model of the vehicle and mentioned on the front of this contract.


The hirer and/or driver is obligated to return the hired vehicle upon the request of TRIPLE D RENTALS L.L.C due to service, updating documentation or any general requirement.


If a tourist hirer and/or a driver starts an agreement on his home country or international license and changes status to resident, then the hirer or driver is obligated to update TRIPLE D RENTALS L.L.C with their resident driving license and Emirates ID as per UAE Law. The tourist hirer and/or driver must provide TRIPLE D RENTALS L.L.C with a copy of entry stamp before driving the vehicle.


The hirer and/or driver agrees that TRIPLE D RENTALS L.L.C is permitted to submit a court file to the judge of urgent matters for a travel ban in the following cases: failing to return the vehicle on the agreed date and time or failing to pay any due amount ( rent, fines, salik or damages ).


TRIPLE D RENTALS L.L.C services are non refundable and can not be cancelled. The hirer and/or driver agrees by signing this agreement, that diverting from any point made on this agreement will become a breach of contract and results to forfeiting the security deposit and involvement of the local authorities. The hirer or driver will pay all liabilities for courts, lawyers and rental until the case is closed.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

This Agreement is governed by and shall be construed and interpreted under the law of the United Arab Emirates as well the local laws applicable to the Emirate where it is executed. If there is any dispute between the parties hereto, the same shall be submitted to the competent court.

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