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Ford Mustang GT V8 Cabrio

Ford Mustang GT V8 Cabrio

AED 799 /Day

Car Overview

Car Type




315 HP



Wheel Drive

Rear Wheel

Additional Details


2 doors

Seating Capacity

Fits 4 Passengers



Rental details

Salik / Toll charges

AED 45 /Day

Daily Kilometer

250km /Day

Minimum driver’s age

21 Years

Payment Method

Card / Crypto / Cash


(5000AED deposit / No Deposit Option Available – T&Cs apply)

Car Details

It offers a wide range of powerful drivetrain options and demonstrates the kind of corner-carving agility that makes sports cars so alluring. The Mustang offers comfortable front seats, a smooth ride, and a sleek exterior.

Experience Luxury and Power with Delta Car Rental’s Ford Mustang Convertible

Drive with more power and style than ever before? This is the best place for “Ford car rental” memories. Drive a Ford Mustang convertible rental through Dubai’s traffic to turn heads. Delta Car Rental has all you need to rent a Mustang for the day or drive a famous car.

Finding ‘Ford car rental near me’ should be easy: Delta vehicle hire’s user-friendly website and vast choices make ordering the world-famous “Mustang car rental” simpler than ever. Delta Car Rental lets you reserve your dream car in a few clicks. Forms and lines are gone.

Rent a Mustang for a day and surprise your partner for a milestone anniversary, birthday, or other special occasion. Their meeting will be memorable. Their joy in driving this renowned automobile is immeasurable. You will never forget this rented car.

The benefits of Ford Mustang Rental from Delta Car Rentals:

  • Flexible car rentals for all occasions: Rental Ford Mustangs are great for many scenarios because of their incredible performance.
  • Impress your date on a romantic evening: You will arrive in style in your hired Ford Mustang convertible. An intimate and exhilarating outdoor encounter might give you a unique evening.
  • Weekend trips: Take a car trip without planning it and enjoy the wind in your hair. You can find hidden gems or see your favorite local spots in a whole new way if you rent a Mustang for the day.
  • Meetings for business: Renting a Ford car near me can help you look better at work. Feel sure of yourself when you drive a powerful and stylish Ford Mustang to important meetings.

The perfect rental automobile is a Ford Mustang convertible for fun and style. Enjoy Dubai’s stunning sights, from the busy city streets to the peaceful desert dunes, with the wind on your hair. With its flair and performance, the Ford Mustang offers a unique driving experience.

Rental for professional use is also recommended because what you do for your organization matters. Drive a Ford Mustang rent to that important meeting or party to make an impression, it initiates success. This famous car exudes grace, elegance, confidence, and flare. It’s a great approach to wow clients and coworkers or close a big deal.

Delta Car Rental knows that a quality experience is about the trip, not just the destination. Their Ford Mustang convertible is only one of their luxurious cars. They provide more than a ride; they offer adventure.

You may go anywhere, anytime, and make lifelong memories by renting a car. Delta Car Rental lets you hire your dream car, making daily journeys more exciting.

Just do it! The Ford Mustang convertible from Delta Car Rental is the ultimate driving machine. Whether you are looking for adventure, celebrating a milestone, or simply having fun, a Mustang car rental will support you. Reserve today to experience the thrill of elegance and power in one famous automobile.

AED 799 /Day

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AED 799 /Day

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